Meet & Assist Arrival To Whyalla , WYA, Australia

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      Price : 370,00$
    • +9:30
    • 48 hours
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    Meet & Assist Arrival To Whyalla , WYA, Australia

    On arrival, a representative will greet the clients at the aircraft airbridge with a personalized signboard.

    A priority processing lane will be made available where allowed clients are accompany through Customs for immigration clearance

    Aid is provided with collecting all luggage, then followed through with priority processing in biosecurity, where allowed before heading through to x-ray screening.

    Clients will then be guided through to their waiting ground transportation.

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    Whyalla (Australia)
    Wind : 8.6 km/h
    Humidity : 25%
    • Thursday Tomorrow 20 °C
    • Friday   12 °C
    • Saturday   11 °C
    • Sunday   11 °C
    • Monday   12 °C